Treat Your Life Like a Garden – a BonBon

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A BonBon ~ Faith Lynella

Clear out underbrush; weed out old clutter.

Plant trees; labor over long-term goals.

Plant annuals; pursue short-term projects with lots of variety, color and fragrance.

Search out new and lovely things for your garden.

Stay vigilant for weeds; watch for early signs of problems and pull them up by the roots.

Water it, tend it; do some work on it often.

Fertilize it; add whatever is missing.

Establish paths; keep the goals visible and walk on them.

Sit and enjoy it; savor the sensations.

Each garden is different; each season is different.

Learn to like them all and appreciate their differences.

Others can enjoy your garden and you can enjoy theirs.

Give away some flowers; when you do, you always get more.

Fill the space with things you love.


Tending your garden takes your entire lifetime, but what else could possibly be more important—or more enjoyable?

– From BonBons to Nourish Your Daily Life The Book