BonBons to Sweeten Your Daily Life

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BonBons are very short—just a page or so, but they are long enough to make you think. They make you pause and ponder, maybe even smile. That’s because BonBons do not speak to the intellect as much as to the heart, or to the whole person.

The last chapter of More BonBons is called Bridge Mix. Most of them are shorter than a paragraph—just a quick nibble. But you don’t need much to feel inspired.

Quotes are even shorter – just the right length for a T-shirt

I’ve become a T-shirt designer. Many of the ones I’ve made are for sale on Amazon. Most of them are offered at And many are sprinkled around this website, when they are relevant. If you like reading what I have to say, maybe you’d be interested in wearing it too.

Put civil back into civilization - T-shirt and story behind
Put civil back into civilization – T-shirt and story behind

From BonBons

“Too good to be true” is a tug of war between hope and logic.”  (Ode to Being ‘Had”)

“We have tried the great new idea, theory, solution and nothing happened. our hope, which does indeed spring eternal, is tuckered out from so much eternal springing.” (A Way to Live)

“It is children who can raise us, if we can abandon the notion that we raise them.” (Gravity is Heavy)

“You graduate from intelligence to judgment to wisdom, but there is something beyond wisdom.” (Beyond Knowledge)

“Desire without effort is dreaming.” (Strike Out the Half-Hearted)

“Art is in us, in our ability to notice.” (Art, Music and Beauty)

“Inner work is the difficult but solitary effort to ‘take your invisible mental clothes off’ and see yourself naked and undistorted.” (Inner Work)

“It is not the information that is sent, but what is received that determines communication.” (Bring Down the Drawbridge)

“You reverse the frenzied pressures each moment that you take the time to enjoy or reflect.” (Busy, Busy, Busy)

“We do not acknowledge truth simply by our acceptance or acquiescence, but through our unceasing discovery and application of it.” (Fresh Truth)

“The ability to take advice is superior to the ability to give it.” (Advice, Who Needs it?)

“Carve out time and areas in your life where the ‘right way’ or the rational way have no influence.” (Jailbreak)

“Often the achievement of the vision is less important than the way it animates and makes purposeful all the other parts of your life.”  (Designated Driver)

“Courage exists when your resolve triumphs over intelligence in the face of self-doubt.” (Courage)

“Fears become stronger as you avoid them, but grappling with them strengthens you while weakening them.” (Ship Ahoy)


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