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Welcome! Please enjoy this brief book “trailer” for the fat book (500 + pages). More on Naked Visionary.

I think everyone is feeling an urgency to find more effective answers that work for them in this topsy-turvey world. You needn’t be a visionary to be feeling the pull of vision.

My hope is for you to see the value of your own sparks of inspiration. Then put enough trust in them to let them lead you to a larger view of what’s possible.

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This Naked Visionary Sampler could help you to SEIZE THE SPARK. Not just ideas, but inspired ones that arose from your own creative urges. These are not for the favored few, but arise in all of us.

This is a free, no-strings download—not requiring you to provide an email address or to subscribe. I just want you to have it and to share it. It is 10 pages, about 4,000 words, but it’s packed!


Naked Visionary Sampler

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