Naked Visionary
Naked Visionary

Naked Visionary – the Book

Introduction – Bringing a Vision Down to Earth

Part I—The Visionary Process Goes Inward and Outward
Chapter 1    Treading New Ground
Chapter 2    Tracking the Visionary Process
Chapter 3    Stripping Down to Essentials
Chapter 4    Bridging Between Vision and the World
Chapter 5    Going to Extremes
Chapter 6    Finding a Paramount Vision
Chapter 7    Bringing a Vision to Life

Part II—Grounding Insight in Practical Ways
Chapter 8    Tackling the Challenges
Chapter 9    Identifying the Spectrum of Change
Chapter 10  Packaging a Vision that Resonates
Chapter 11  Engaging the Visionary Drive
Chapter 12  Seeing “Outside the Box”
Chapter 13  Developing Our Energetic Intelligence
Chapter 14  Practicing Visionary Leadership
Chapter 15  Building Supportive Environments

Part III—Spheres Where Vision and Practice Meet
Chapter 16  Opening to the Transformative Power of Art
Chapter 17  Following Science and the Route of the Mind
Chapter 18  Following the Spiritual Route of the Heart
Chapter 19  Shifting the Paradigm
Chapter 20  Creating an Incubator for Visionary Thinkers
Chapter 21 Taking the Next Step


  • Appendix A   50 Ways to Get Naked
  • Notes
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index

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