Naked Visionary
Naked Visionary

From Vision to Tangible Results

Naked Visionary describes what drives those motivated forerunners who bring their visions to life. It puts a spotlight on creative change and the visionary process itself. But it also speaks to the creative capabilities lying fallow within us all—how each of us can blow on our own sparks of brilliance for the answers we desire.

Naked Visionary sheds light on the influences, rewards, and obstacles that characterize the visionary path and visionary thinking. It also describes the inner journey that is as crucial as solving the practical challenges. It is comprehensive and takes a 360º view of the process. It draws on more than 100 references and current research.

While visionaries are Black Swans, rare, unpredictable, and improbable (as described in a book of that name by Nassim Taleb), this capacity is not only for the special few. All of us have the “visionary gene” hardwired into us, poised to support one’s individual sense of purpose. Not only is vision widespread, grounding it is a skill that can be cultivated by anyone to open a broader range of possibilities.

The World Needs Visionary Answers

Wherever we look—politics, economics, social institutions, values or within our close relationships—people are alarmed. What we’ve trusted is collapsing, and in most cases capable leadership is wanting. Given the chaos and dysfunction rampant in public and private life, the world badly needs farsighted and revolutionary answers. We need visionaries, with their determination to defy the odds and obstacles. We need their uncompromising commitment and resolve. And we need some of that unstoppable foolhardiness.

Visionaries function in the field of potential—what could be. They are change agents who must master their inner demons and doubts, while struggling to communicate a compelling message to an unreceptive world.

More Vision - Less Division
More Vision – Less Division

It is written on three parallel levels

  • The challenges and stages of the visionary path, and those who pursue it (a global view)
  • How each person can recognize their own sparks of brilliance, and trust those insights enough to act on them (the personal view)
  • How to encourage more visionary thinking so we upgrade the kinds of answers being applied to the world’s difficulties (the social view)

The book has three sections

  • Section I describes the elements of the visionary journey: the person, the vision, the challenges, and the benefits that follow.
  • Section II explains the practical concerns of bringing a vision to life.
  • Section III explores specific arenas where visionaries ply their trade: business leadership, science (the mind), and the arts and spiritual matters (the heart).

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