How to Survive a Spiritual Hangover
How to Survive a Spiritual Hangover

How to Survive a Spiritual Hangover for e-book Formats

Readable Tables

The book was reformatted so it can be read by Kindle and a variety of e-readers. Unfortunately, the small size of the screen makes tables impossible to read. For the convenience of people using such devices, those tables are provided here.

Chapter 4

Map of the Scale of Consciousness

David Hawkins, M.D., from Power vs. Force







Self Is Enlightenment 700– 1000 Ineffable PureConsciousness
All-being Perfect Peace 600 Bliss Illumination
One Complete Joy 540 Serenity Transfiguration
Loving Benign Love 500     Reverence Revelation
Wise Meaningful Reason 400 Understanding Abstraction
Merciful Harmonious Acceptance 350 Forgiveness Transcendence
Inspiring Hopeful Willingness 310 Optimism Intention
Enabling Satisfactory Neutrality 250 Trust Release
Permitting Feasible Courage        ↑ 200 Affirmation Empowerment
Indifferent Demanding Pride             ↓ 175 Scorn Inflation
Vengeful Antagonistic Anger 150 Hate Aggression
Denying Disappointing Desire 125 Craving Enslavement
Punitive Frightening Fear 100 Anxiety Withdrawal
Uncaring Tragic Grief  75 Regret Despondency
Condemning Hopeless Apathy, hatred  50 Despair Abdication
Vindictive Evil Guilt  30 Blame Destruction
Despising Hateful Shame  20 Humiliation Elimination

Dimensions of Consciousness

First Dimension Minerals
Second Dimension Plants, animals without self-awareness
Third Dimension Individual human self-awareness—ego and five senses
Fourth Dimension Higher order of awareness and vibration—beyond logic or the senses; has both light and dark aspects
Fifth Dimension Dimension of light; lightbody—beyond logic or the senses;Unity; Now awareness

Chapter 7

Enjoying Your Life

Area of Your Life Enjoyment Binkles Primacy I Primacy II
Religious or Spiritual
Education/skill development
Your personal passion_____
Fun or recreation


To assess the amount of enjoyment each provides, rate each life area three different ways:

  • Satisfaction   How much satisfaction and enjoyment does it give you?

Rate each between 0 (none) and 10 (very high)

  • Binkles   How much binkle energy do you derive from it?

(1) Lots     (2) So-so     (3) None

  • Primacy I  – Priorities  Which of them is most important to you? Based on your priorities, put them in order from most important (1) to least important (10 or 13 if you added more).
  • Primacy II  – Reality Check   Which is most important to you? Based on the amount of time and energy is you actually spend on it (in a typical week),

put them in order based on most time and energy (1) to least time and energy(10 or 13, if you added more)


Now compare Primacy I and Primacy II. Compare what you say is important with what you treat as important. How do you feel about that?

Your Self-survey Results:

  • There are no right or wrong answers. This is an exercise in looking below the surface of your behavior.
  • How well do you know yourself?
  • What you list is just a scorecard—a point of reference. How does knowing this add to your store of self-knowledge? Your ability to experience more joy?
  • Do you get a sense of what’s important or working for you? What isn’t? Any surprises? Any tender spots?
  • Now, what do you intend to do about it?
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Put it to use

This is not mere information, something to total up, then forget it. Treat this simple survey as a monitoring device. Taking time to do this exercise from time to time will show where in your life things are changing or maturing. That’s worth knowing.

But even better, on some not-quite-conscious level, you’ve been taking note of such influences as they come up. It’s amazing how many options you gain.