Help Yourself!

Take one, take all. These short books can each be downloaded without you needing to give me your email address. No strings, no follow up to pressure you to buy anything. Although each of these (below) is brief compared to my books, there’s plenty of the good stuff. If you’re not charged up after reading any of them, then the book it’s based on wouldn’t ring your bell either. But I hope that a taste will speak to you on some level.

Like a kindly grandmother with fresh-baked cookies…

I am in the thinking and writing business—it’s fully engaged me for my whole life. I write because I feel it is my service to the world. I try to figure out how each of us can live fully and with the greatest joy. But books are a medium of sharing, so what I write does little good unless people read them. Why wait? I have many other books that are partly written, And who know how soon they will see the light of day. So some of them will appear here in a form that can stand on its own.

Share any of these short books with friends

Pass them along if you wish. Email them and quote them. Put my words to the test. I want, more than anything, that what I’ve written bring you binkles and joy. Or at least an idea worth thinking about. I want to dispel some of the confusion that leads to fear or lack of confidence. However, you are NOT free to claim authorship for them. Please give credit to the source

Downloading your copies

These are PDF files, so you’ll need an Adobe Reader to read them. However, if you don’t already have one on your computer, you can download a free copy here: Free Adobe Reader

Right click on any title below where it says: “Download here.” When prompted click on “save target here” or “save file here” onto your computer. It  will probably go to your desktop or download library, depending on how your browser is set up. Repeat for each title that you’re getting. Then read and enjoy them at your leisure.


Naked Visionary Sampler

Survival toolkit for those off the beaten path  (about 20 pages) See More and Download

A Gasp of Air

Finding pockets of energizing and uplifting air throughout your day See More and Download

Favorite BonBons to Sweeten Your Daily Life

(about 20 pages) See More and Download

Aspirin for a Spiritual Hangover

(about 20 pages) See More and Download

The Binkle and the Catawampus Compass (fantasy)

FICTION – First 2 Chapters – gnomes and magic (first in the series)  (about 20 pages) See More and Download

More Coming…

History of the Binkle  

So come back and help yourself again!