Welcome Readers

This website does not permit comments on blog posts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get them. Here’s the place to do that.

Please tell me if you’ve read any of my books or shorter pieces. I thrive on your reactions, especially about what I said that touched you. For I always feel I’m writing for somebody out there who badly needs what I’ve come to know.

What is on your mind?

One of the downsides of a writer’s life is that so much time is spent alone, reducing ideas to words on paper, attempting to “speak” to the eventual reader. But it’s hard to know if my words hit home unless someone tells me so. So this admittedly impersonal form is a way for us to create a dialogue about things that matter.

Getting that kind of reaction builds a bond between you and me that keeps me working even harder to say something meaningful. I do not count my successes so much by the number of books sold as the connection forged between my heart and yours. Your comments allow me to know if that has happened.


Thank you for coming by

And don’t be shy about coming back again. I promise to keep adding more good stuff.