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I don’t write BonBons. They come to me nearly fully formed. Each has an energy that makes a statement that isn’t to be tinkered with.  Every BonBon is a gift of insight that I happily receive. Many were gathered into a book that I published in 1996. It was out of print for a while, but it is now available in softcover and Kindle versions.

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About the Book

The next collection – BonBons and Treats – will be available during 2016. But you’ll be able to read some of them here already.

Life Is But a Stream

A BonBon · Faith Lynella

 Everybody starts life as a curious, creative, endlessly exploring bundle of energy. Gradually we are tamed—civilized to live in a home, a family, a risky world. Somewhere along the way the taming shuts down our abilities to explore and create spontaneously. Such impulses become dammed up behind the structures we create and that are imposed upon us, for our own good of course.

Like a free-running stream that is channeled and then piped, the water may still trickle out at the end—but it’s not the same stream. It is still water, but what has become of the meadow, the birdsong, the rippling surface, the minnows, the bundle of energy that made the stream vibrant and sparkling? These count for nothing if you only measure the stream as gallons of water.

That dammed-up stream is like the gifted child that resides below the surface of our daily lives. Beauty, fun, a world of wonder are sacrificed within the “shoulds” and “should nots” that dictate our lives. Yes it may be the same stream, but in every way that relates to beauty, or fun, or a world of wonder for the little live and growing things, there is no comparison.

As adults we rarely question our confinements. We move freely it seems; but in reality it is from tank (home) to cistern (work) to holding tanks (our various activities) by pipelines (routes, decisions) established long ago.

Yes it is still life, our life—if measured by quantity. But what has become of the rest?

Take time every day to let loose the curious, creative, endlessly exploring child within. Read a book. Solve a mystery. Be creative—quilt, sew, build an engine, fly a kite, or just meander down a path or sit by a stream.

– From BonBons to Sweeten Your Daily Life

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