Binkles Feel Really Good                

Binkle—the energy created when you really connect with someone or something that inspires you (even yourself). It’s a zizz!—the smallest bit of upbeat energy that you can sense or share with another person.

A binkle delivers a zizz of highly-charged energy. Some are mildly pleasant ripples and others are head-to-toe zaps. Repeated binkles can build on each other in a delightful way. Delight coupled with energy; that’s what you feel. How or why it happened is secondary to the sensation and the energy surge. A view that “takes your breath away” or sensing something real and abiding can be high binkle because of the feelings that result.

It is the same energy as love and caring emotions, but it does not require emotional associations or a prior relationship. Some of your finest binkles happen with strangers without a word exchanged—we lock eyes and connect in an immediacy of sensing we are on the same wavelength.

I conceived and coined the word “binkle” in 1992. “Binkle” can be a noun or a verb. I consider it the fuel of our creative impulses—as well as the reward for them. Its impact is immediate. You can, on occasion, feel energetic surges without having a clue as to why, but there is a feeling of “just right” about it. That sensation is either present or it isn’t; it cannot be faked.

It Is a Measure of Energy

Notice it is the energy that is experienced—not the reason the binkle happened or the situation in which it occurred. Binkles are not the thoughts you have about how you feel. It is not about whether or not you like something. It is no more complicated than the sensation itself—the rush of buoyant energy. If you reflect back on your happiest times, you will probably recall that special sensation that was present.

The binkle is a measure of high-octane energy—much like a watt or an ohm. Rather than its intensity being registered by an electronic device, you sense it with your body. Every binkle is actually a jolt of higher-than-normal energy that can be experienced by the cells. You feel its presence and intensity—from mildly pleasant to electrifying and world shaking.

Binkle, Krindle, and Laphe Work Together

To the concept of binkles, add two related notions: krindle and laphe (also coined by me).

Monitoring your upbeat energy:

  • Binkle – the energy that is felt; the zizz, a moment of sensed perfection
  • Krindle – the meter or battery that detects and holds the special energy, located within the physical body
  • Laphe – (pronounced, “laugh”) the sense of being full of binkles; acts as a balanced feeling that is centered within

Krindle—It has long been apparent to me that humans have a specialized gauge attuned to the availability of binkle energy located within our bodies. However, medical science has failed to detect the specific organ function. The krindle is a binkle energy meter and short-term battery. It detects signs of available binkle energy, rather like a Geiger counter registers radiation. If a person is binkle depleted for too long, the krindle ceases to function—hence, no binkles.

Laphe—It acts as a self-adjusting shock absorber attuned to binkle energy. It keeps upbeat energy level on an even keel. Laphe resembles the bubble in a level, indicating whether a person’s energy is balanced—“on the level” or “off kilter.” When energy is high and without stress, it brings a sense of fullness and happiness.

When we are properly aligned with respect to energy, there is a sense of being centered and very responsive to changes in our circumstances. To engage life with a laphe approach, first detach from the specifics but hold an attentive place within yourself, where you are ready to respond to the energetic flow.

This is a High-binkle website

Every BonBon has a binkle center. But everything I write is imbued with binkle energy. And the more of them you find and experience throughout your day, the more power they have in your life. So charge yourself up while you’re here. Then return to see what else we’ve got whenever you feel you’re getting low.