Binkle Energy and a Binkle BonBon

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I call myself The Binkle Lady since BINKLE ENERGY is so much a part of everything that I do. Everything that I write. Everything that I beat the drum for.

It is the energy of joy, and love, and insight, and inspiration, and art, and jumping up and down. For in all such experiences you sense the presence of binkle energy. An upswelling of it. All of you is being recharged by the experience. Whether it is mild or mind-blowing, brief or resonates across days, there is an out-of-this-world quality about it.

The Binkle Basics are here –

How a Binkle is Different than Plain Old “Happy”

A BonBon

Lots of things can make us happy—for a moment.
  • We’re pleased to get what we want—or something even better
  • We love being liked or loved
  • We can’t wait for what we’re doing to turn out the way we wanted it to be
  • We live for the days when we know that life has a purpose
  • And more…

But some ways we make ourselves feel good aren’t good for us—or anyone else,


  • Using power tricks or manipulation of others to make things go our way
  • Undermining those around us in petty or self-dealing ways
  • Enjoying addictive habits and practices to escape from responsibilities
  • Blaming the world for our problems and mistakes
  • And the list goes on…

So you can feel happy without the joy of your heart bubbling up.

Binkles are always accompanied by joy in some form or another

You feel the zizz of energy rippling through you. Of course, happy and binkles usually appear together. But when you feel negative about somebody (or yourself) there’s no place for joy. No binkles. How sad.

Take a closer look at what makes you happy. If there’s there no upbeat energy present, no binkle, some sort of deception is going on. Maybe it’s a half-truth or fudge about what’s happening. Or it could be from a self-deception you’ve lived with so long you no longer doubt it.

It’s your job to tell the difference between what you call happy and the joyful energy of a binkle. If they’re the same, wonderful! Otherwise, look for the “worm in the apple.” To do so brings an unacknowledged truth that can set you free. You’ll know you’ve found it because of  the binkles and a blast of joy.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a negative binkle. Your heart can always tell the difference, even if your mind gets fooled sometimes. Your body knows as well—by the energetic zizz it feels. (A fake binkle is draining and takes you down a notch.)

Don’t settle for less. Happy and binkles—now that’s a happy thought!

Faith Lynella – from More BobBons and Treats © 2017

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