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Embrace Your Authentic Impulse

A BonBon ⋅ Faith Lynella

Who is the you with vision? Who is the one who sees the world as it could be? Who is the one who sees yourself as you could be?

That ability (nay, urge) is embedded in each of us, in our deep inner recesses. It is out of the spotlight or the glare of clamoring expectations. It is unique in the form it takes, for each person has his or her own inimitable frame of reference and partialities.

That urge gives rise to the wee small voice. It is the authentic impulse to do what you are alive to do—to be true to yourself and make a difference. What it desires is not a theoretical wishfulness, but a very real possibility. The not-yet-realized sliver of identity is a tangible part of “who you are.”

So the question is not whether visions of “something more that’s possible” arise in us. They do and will continue to do so. The question that needs to be asked by each of us is: Why don’t I embrace it? What am I doing instead? What do I consider more important?

You want more passion in your life? That authentic impulse is the source of unflagging passion—the genuine article that makes everything else pale in comparison. It cannot be faked. It cannot be sated by trifles.

Anyone who taps into that form of inspiration feels a momentary desire to move heaven and earth to live up to such a profound awareness. So how come a wholehearted embrace of one’s vision is so rare?

We know the answer—the why nots:

  • It’s hard; it’s tricky; it’s probably a fool’s errand
  • Life gets in the way
  • Our responsibilities and expectations come first
  • People wouldn’t approve

There are really good reasons to ignore it, deny it, foreswear it. But that won’t be the end of its intrusion into your well-ordered life. That wee voice will pipe up now and then. Give yourself permission to act on it. Make a poster you see every day:


Water the sprouts of insight—marvel that you “know” something so amazing. Let it flower for yourself. Share the blooms. Acknowledge signs of it in others.

That is how the world is remade—with vision at the very root. For what it can accomplish isn’t about scale or function. It is about your efforts being rooted in your authentic awareness. That insistent urge may seem impulsive, but it’s your genuine self trying to flex its muscles.

© Faith Lynella, 2012