I’m the Binkle Lady

A binkle is the energy that is created when we really connect with someone, or something that inspires us, even our our self. It is a measure of high-octane energy. Learn more about the BINKLE here.

I discovered the Binkle back in 1992. It is the smallest amount of upbeat energy that a person can experience. But like an atom, it is powerful!. My amazement was so great that I felt like Galileo, identifying something that hadn’t been recognized before. It has been an integral part of my life every since.

During the late 1990s I went through a rough patch, and I have no doubt that binkles pulled me through. I took an essence oath to be a binkle missionary. So this rather simple but profound concept has been developed in one book or another.

I used to say that “Anybody who knows what a binkle is is in the Binkle Movement.” Just by being here and learning what the binkle is about means that includes you. Welcome!

Faith Lynella

On my birth certificate, Lynella was my first name and Faith was my middle name. (And my last name was Green; later changed to Grant when I married.)

In 2005, I had a major revelation. Faith was not willing to be in second place. It became obvious to me that I had to both live from faith, but live AS FAITH. I have since changed my name legally and go by Faith Lynella.

But I’ll answer to Dr. Lynella Grant and Lynn Grant too.

Everything written by me is an attempt to speak to how to become ever more congruent and authentic. To that end, each speaks in some way about how we relate and communicate with each other. Or with the various parts of “who I am.” But also speaks to the larger reality that transcends our everyday activities. The presence of Binkles is evidence of the two realities being in alignment.

Instead of going on about myself, I’d rather you read what I’ve written. And let what I have to say speak to you. There be binkles there.

More than you’d every want to know about me will be revealed in my autobiography – 50 Years to Build the Butterfly Net. It will be available in 2020.

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Most of the books I’ve written were published by Off the Page Press. And those still in print are sold in several formats on Amazon.com.

Any of the titles from Off the Page Press are HIGH-BINKLE. Check them out.