Finding pockets of energizing and uplifting air throughout your day

These days, chances to recharge and catch your breath are far too scarce. We’re starved for a quiet, unfilled moment, a little kindness, a place that’s stress-free and lets the day’s pressures fall away, along with a chance to recharge and regroup. Places where you can do that are your pockets of air.
A Gasp of Air is about finding the breathing room you need during your high-pressure day. With ample air and energy, difficulties bounce off, like water off a duck’s back. Tap into the easily-overlooked supplies of air and energy that have you beaming with happiness.
This short book is comprised of excerpts from Pockets of Air: Finding breathing room in an upside-down world by Faith Lynella: ISBN 978-1-888739-19-0 © 2014

PDF File – About 24 pages


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