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BonBons have a special place among my writing, for each has a BINKLE CENTER. Each represents a moment of inspiration when the Muses whispered in my ear. They are very short, mostly sweet, but also perplexing. Each one is designed to make you think, see with fresh eyes, and take the new awareness to heart. No fluff or cliches in the batch.

This is a gift to you. Please download it without needing to give your email information. Forward it on to friends; pass along this download link. I like the idea of there being more BonBons (goodies and upbeat energy) in everybody’s life. Help that to happen.

The only thing I ask in exchange is that you identify me, Faith Lynella, as author. Please do not claim them as your work. It’s nice if you’d give a link back to this website or read my other books. But that’s not a big deal. The BIG DEAL is that you let the wise words in these BonBons nourish you deeply. The BIG DEAL is that you start to tap into more Binkle energy.


Recently Updated!

The first book of BonBons was published in 1994. But the second book wasn’t published until 2017,containing all the BonBons written since then. The updated book of Favorite BonBons contains BonBons from both volumes.

It was a hard choice. There are over 150 BonBons to date (between the two volumes). So the ones included have something extra going for them. Each of them has a different flavor, so I hope to cater to very different tastes. But I cannot imagine anybody not being able to find something they like here.

Favorite BonBons to Sweeten Your Daily Life is a Sampler

A sampler in the truest sense of the word. A smaller box of ten tasty treats. As delicious as they are, I hope they will feel an urge to read more of them, on this website or in the books themselves.


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